Terry Gilliam did not make Harry Potter’s script.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

And he assures that his only favorite magician movie is directed by Cuar n.

Harry Potter

Talking to Juan Vero at the Los Cavos International Film Festival, director Terry Gilliam revealed that although Rowling was staring at not joining the project because it was a manufacturing industry.
For movies and Harry Potter fans, it is well known that director Terry Gilliam was imagined by JK Rowling to adapt the script for Harry Potter movies. Gilliam was not involved in any of the film’s legends, and revealed the reason: the development of several tapes was limited.

Harry Potter
“It has become a manufacturing industry,” he explained in a dialogue with author
Juan Villoro as part of the Los Cavos International Film Festival. Movie-loving directors Brazil or 12 Monos reported that the author of the book also saw his famous film
time thieves, which led Rowling to approach him, but dumbbelled because it was a legend. “I met the studio, but the project was very uncontrollable,” said the filmmaker, who liked to control things.

Harry Potter
It seems that Gilliam will not play Harry Porter’s legendary story like director
Alfonso. “The only thing I like about it is Karen, who made it the only one, it’s dark
and more dangerous,” said Harry Potter and the prisoners of Azkaban.

Harry Potter



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