The upcoming Pocket Monster movie:Pikachu



Pocket Monster’s detective Picacho’s rather closed trailer has been announced.

PikachuPocket Monster Pocket Monster will soon make their comeback films, which will surely surprise the fans of history. In Pokbaby Detective Piccaccio, the movie Live Man,
which will be released on May 8, it does turn Ryan Reynolds’s doubled yellow animal
into a detective’s embarrassment at least. Piccaccio will try to help young Tim, who is investigating his father, a police legend in the city of Reyme, a perfect and harmonious life for humans and wonder babies.

PikachuBy Rob Letterman (director of goose bumps), the pet elf detective  was created by Nicole Palman (co-creator of the Galaxy Guard, Captain Marvel, the first person). The movie, the trailer, has just been released this Monday and will also rely on actress Catherine Newton (with big lies), singer Rita Euler or British model Sue-HP Waterloo on November 12.





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