With’Narcos: Mexico, Netflix triggers reset



All you need to know about the new narcotics series is that Netflix wants to tag before and after the franchise of Pablo Escobar.


Very few phenomena make Netflix a’Narcos’. The American platform has radically changed the way we watch and comment on TV series. Although its catalogue is inexhaustible and growing every week, not all proposals have become icons.
‘Narcos’can boast of this honor, and now more importantly, the legend around Pablo Escobar and drug trafficking between Latin America and the United States have updated a new proposal. ‘Narcos’: Mexico disembarked in Spain in just a few hours, and we tell you everything you need to know so that Wagner Moura and Pedro Pascal’s absence
will not affect your soul.
Tomorrow, Friday, November 16, we finally have a look at the new franchise version. Netflix wants us to know that it’s absolutely reset. We don’t need to tell you what happened or the location of’Narcos:M e xico’, right?
We can say that the third season is a start-up, because the second season tells about
the end of Pablo Escobar, who gave his life to applaud Wagner Moura. After Medellin’s Colombian cartel (with Alberto Oman, remember, in the cast) chased Javier Penia, Pedro Pascal, Manger GQ, took over as the lead.


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